Best Practices

A constant effort is maintained to keep the entire system operational. However things happen from time to time. If you notice a repeater that is not connected to the room please contact the appropriate node operator and let them know. Node operator information can be found on the Credits page. Thank you.

1. Please do not connect with any YSF or FCS reflectors or any bridges to any other digital modes. We have had

    problems in the past with connections of non-Yaesu products requiring us to drive to the repeater site to

    reset a repeater.


2. Please do not change a node from the Kansas City Room. We use that room to link our repeaters and

    changing the room removes the associated repeater from the group.


3. Since multiple repeaters are linked via the internet it is necessary for you, the operator, to wait about 2

    seconds between transmissions in order to account for internet latency. Please do not tail end a transmission.


4. When you are in a QSO with more than one other person , when you finish your transmission please indicate

    who should make the next transmission. Failure to do so can result in multiple operators transmitting at the

    same time. This results in confusion and  missed transmissions.


5. When you finish your transmission wait about one second before releasing the PTT button. Otherwise we

    will not hear your last word or two.